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The History Channel, December 4, 2005, Modern Marvels: Leonardo's Lost Robots

BBC, April 18, 2003, Working title: Leonardo
Note: PBS airdate to be determined

ITN Productions, February 3, 2003, Leonardo's Dream Machines
Note: PBS airdate to be determined

Italian Television, April 13, 2000, Tech 4U

Italian Television, April 12, 2000, Uno Mattima, Interviewed by Luca Giurato

BBC, August 12,1998, Tomorrow's World "Leonardo's Robot".


National Public Radio, August 19, l994, Talk of the Nation - Science Friday, Host: Ira Flato.


Stargate, 1994. A film by Roland Emmerich. Le Studio Canal. Omni-Wrist I is mounted on the robotic "probe."


Mechanical Marvels: Invention in the Age of Leonardo. Produced by Instituto E. Museo Di Storia Scienza. Distributed by Giunti Multimedia. Features reconstruction of Leonardo Da Vinci's lost robot and visual history of robotics by Mark Rosheim.