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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines Anthrobotics as the science of developing and studying robots that are either entirely or in some way human-like. The term *anthrobotics* was originally coined by Mark Rosheim...

Rosheim, Mark. 1990. "Design of An Omnidirectional Arm." IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation. May 13-18, 1990 Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, Ohio. Pages 2162-2167.


    Creation of advanced dexterity mechanical manipulators and actuators for commercial applications is increasingly important for welding, sealant application, spray painting, inspection, material handling and assembly. Application in space for space station assembly, satellite servicing and planetary exploration would benefit from higher dexterity arms. Typically, present robot arms have only singularity-ridden two-axis shoulder and wrist joints. Presented here is a design for a new, state-of-the-art, seven-degree of freedom arm consisting of a three-axis shoulder and wrist which are singularity-free and therefore capable of performing any human arm task. An anthromorphic hand completes the system.

Anthrobotics - coined by Mark Rosheim in 1990:

    The word Anthrobotics and its root Anthrobot are coined for the first time. Anthrobotics is derived from the Anthromorphic and Robotic to distinguish the new generation of dexterous robots from its simple industrial robot forbears.